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Differential Pressure

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Daniel Bernoulli is famous for developing the equation that relates flow velocity to the fluid pressure. This principle is the basis for differential flow meters as shown in the orifice meter graphic below. The magnitude of the pressure drop across the orifice plate is proportional to the fluid flow rate. Orifice meters like this are low cost simple devices with a limited range of measurement and accuracy capability.

Our new NetFlow meter uses Bernoulli's principle a little differently to minimize the pressure lost, and maximize the pressure signal to the sensor locations. More details can be found in our patent application that is currently pending with the USPTO.

NetFlow shown below is clearly not the same as traditional differential pressure meters.

NetFlow brings a wider range of operation, lower pressure drop, better stability and repeatability to dp style meters.

Differential Pressure meters are inherently less susceptible to upstream disturbances than most other type of flow meters. This allows shorter pipe lengths between the last elbow and the flow meter connection, conserving space and piping during installation.

NetFlow with Flange Option

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