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FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)


What kind of meter is this?    It uses a sliding flow element and delta P with NTC for flow, pressure and temp.

What sizes are available?       Currently just the 1"NPT unit for 2-40gpm.  1.5" and 2" meters are in development now

What are the max values?      Max Flow = 40gpm, Max Pressure = 250psig, Max Temperature = 220°F

What liquids are suitable?      Most common clean liquids are suitable.  Try to minimize particulate matter in the                                                                    fluid to prevent frequent service requirements.  Anything that is gummy or high                                                                        viscosity is not recommended.  See the compatibility chart in the Lit & CAD tab.

What are the wetted parts?   2205 Duplex SS Housing, Internals: 316L SS, PEI, PPS, Medical Epoxy, Viton O-Rings

Is the meter NSF certified?    Not yet, but it is compliant with no lead & DHW compatible materials

Upstream Distance Req.?        2" upstream and 2" downstream required for installation 


Four data pathways come with the base meter. 

1)   0-20mA analog output for the flowrate only.  For connection to BMS or other data system.

2)   On-board logging of Flow, Temp, & Pressure to full-sized SD card, from 2 to 600 seconds per sample

3)   Always free webpage for monitoring and adjusting settings within wifi distance of the meter

4)   Cloud based data logging remote access via any web browser with subscription described below 


The Shop tab has the subscription service for your meter.  This service is provided by BluLeaf Solutions for a very low cost to feature ratio.  You will get 24/7 data access, 30 days of downloadable data history, interactive charts for the last 30 days of data, selectable limits for flow, temperature, and pressure with limit alarm alerts via email.


Please click on the "Shop" tab above to see the cost and available payment options for your meter

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