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River Valley Design

Innovative Process Meters

Our NetFlow liquid meters measure, display, log, and transmit; Flowrate, Temperature, and Pressure, along with 5-minute averages, and totalized flow from a single device. 

NetFlow delivers reliable performance year after year with robust internal parts and a 10 year warranty on our Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel body.

At River Valley Design, we take pride in producing innovative products that make your life easier.  Many products claim to be cloud connected but actually connecting is very difficult and expensive.  Our NetFlow meters use a simple 3 step process to provide a full featured cloud data service with storage and dashboard trending.

We are passionate about American Manufacturing Excellence.  We design our products for complete life cycle sustainability to minimize waste and environmental impact. 

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Gas Plant

Industrial processes need to be monitored and controlled with precision to optimize performance.

Get your important process data quickly and easily with NetFlow process meters.

Metal Pipes

Industrial Grade Meters

For your critical test requirements.  Remotely monitor your long duration test runs, or use the onboard SD card DAQ for 2 second datalogging without IoT connections or cloud-based systems.



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